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Need movers with hustle in their muscle?!  Call for quote get an idea of cost and send over your details to set it up. Then wait for moving day.

A lil more about us...

Labor Force Services is a LABOR ONLY team that really cares for it's reputation that's why we try our best to make sure you're completely satisfied with any labor service we offer. We specialized in moving therefore we are well trained to move and wrap your belongings efficiently and safely to have a safe travel from your old home to your new one. To ensure this we have years of combine experience and right equipment to move any home safely. If you need movers and live in it we'll move it. House or condo apartment or studio it doesn't matter just let us handle it. If your truck size matter we'll make it happen. If what you need is just loading or unloading then we can help you do that too. We've had our fair share on loading and unloading trucks, containers or mobile storages. We can also just help you move within your same complex or re arrange your home. We always take all the necessary precautions to move anything without any damage to your property or belongings. We offer high class service for a low affordable rate you can see our many references from Yelp. 

Why take weeks moving when it can take only few hours call us.

We are Prepared for...

​Dissassemble anything needed, and secure all the belongings inside the truck safely. Drive carefully to your destination.

From loading and unloading U-hauls, Budgets, Penskes and Ryders to packing PODS, UNITS, Big Box and ABF we do it all. We'll help you maximize your  storage space and minimized your cost.







They will arrive at your location and do a quick walkthrough then get any information needed from you to get started. Everything gets individually wrapped and prep for the load.

Get all your belongings unloaded from the truck and assemble anything needed n place furniture where ever you want them too.

We specialized in moving which means your move may include any the following items  and you can rest assure it will be safely transported.

Grab a truck give us a call and we'll do the rest!

For all services we provide we are well trained for quality efficiency and professionalism. We work all of San Diego County.

The force that moves you!